About ZCubes
ZCubes is a web platform where you can seamlessly create web pages when you browse, create drawings, paintings, documents and spreadsheets, all on the web, without having to switch between different applications.

ZCubes is an omni-functional platform and presents you immersive browsing experience. You can browse while creating a document or creating a clipart. You do not need to depend on different applications. Document editing is easy and different in ZCubes with its cool Drag-and-Drop features.

ZCubes transforms Web from a network of separately siloed applications and content repositories to a more seamless and interoperable whole. Documents created using ZCubes are Semantic enabled, thus taking a step forward to the Semantic Web.

ZCubes makes your life on the web easy with its advanced features.

Integrate Your Digital Life
  • Create webpages instantly and publish them easily.
  • Create professional looking documents using the powerful ZEditor.
  • Create spreadsheets using CALCI online.
  • Build your math solutions using advanced mathematical and statistical calculations in CALCI.
  • Create paintings easily online and publish them on the web.
  • Copy and Paste HTML content from anywhere on the web.
  • Create greeting cards with handwritten notes, animations, pictures and videos.
  • Drag-Drop from You Tube, Google Video, Google Images, Photobucket, and many other popular sites.
  • Integrate different media content including pictures, video, audio, RSS Feeds.
  • Create marquees and animations on the web.
  • Master the web. Drag-Drop/Copy any HTML from clipboard.
  • Apply brilliant effects to ANY web content - including other entire websites!
  • Browse multiple websites within the same window.
  • Power search using multiple search engines simultaneously.
  • Work in ANY language! Write with your mouse! No other accessories required.
  • Print, E-mail, Save to disk, or Publish online your pages.

Experience the Synergy of the everything.
Create a document and include a spreadsheet in it containing pictures and animations.
Create a presentation and include live scientific calculations.
Sketch freely to annotate or highlight specific items in your presentation.
ZCubes breaks the barriers between documents, spreadsheets, drawings, web pages and different media such as images, videos, music etc. ZCubes lets you express freely by creating experiences!

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The list is actually endless. Use Paint, Slideshows, Special Effects, Whiteboard, Blackboard and Gallery to create unlimited amazing experiences in minutes. Send or save your experiences to disk, email, net or printer! Share your experiences with everyone, a select few, or keep them private just for yourself.

Create webpages in minutes. View and manage infinite websites and web content. Start experiencing the web, your way, now! Create powerful and feature rich experiences with drag-drop simplicity, outstanding special effects and seamless integration.
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