ZCubes redefines the web.

“Tim Berners-Lee, The inventor of the Internet stated:“
Tim Berners-Lee, The inventor of the Internet stated: “People keep asking what Web 3.0 is. I think maybe when you've got an overlay of scalable vector graphics - everything rippling and folding and looking misty - on Web 2.0 and access to a semantic Web integrated across a huge space of data, you'll have access to an unbelievable data resource.” - A 'more revolutionary' Web

"ZCubes is one of the top 5 web platforms I want for Christmas!" - From Alt-Search Engines, Charles Knight, Read/WriteWeb

The Guardian"It's hard to describe in words as it's highly visual. With 2000+ features, this is multi-tasking on steroids. You don't need technical expertise, just an open mind and lots and lots of time."
- Irene Krechowiecka, The Guardian, Tuesday May- 6 2008
AMPLE SANITY"..Had the opportunity last night to give ZCubes a test drive, and i tell you poopsies, it works exactly as stated. In fact, i could easily have spent hours zcubing but needed my beauty sleep. Once a gal's dragging fifty, the anti-hag factor becomes paramount." - Anne

Technically Speaking"I think ZCubes actually has a viable working product to offer."... "ZCubes is light years beyond just a search engine (comparing Google and ZCubes)."..."ZCubes is truly what I would term a true Web 2.0 offering to the public to experience. In fact that is probably is an inaccurate statement. This is a probably a Web 2.1 or Web 3.0 product. It is as advertised. It is truly an all in one product." - Rex Dixon

profy"ZCubes, probably one of the net’s first good browser in a browser websites. Why would you need one? Well, aside from being a great portal/homepage (much more useful and customizable than the Google Homepage. Needing no complicated plugins whatsoever, ZCubes is a great portal platform that lets you do anything and everything you ever dreamed you could do on a PC, all within the comfort of a single, online page." - David Wilkinson
ZCubes, Inc. Selected by AlwaysOn as an AO100 Top Private Company Award
ZCubes, Inc. Selected by AlwaysOn as an AO100 Top Private Company Award Winner Recognized for Leadership in Emerging Technology and Global Business Potential

Houston, TX – 07/17/2007 – ZCubes, Inc, a web 3.0 company, today announced that it has been chosen by AlwaysOn as one of the AO 100 Top Private Companies for 2007. The fifth-annual elite AO100 list was compiled by the AlwaysOn editorial panel. In order to be eligible for the AO100 list, companies had to be peer-nominated, with AlwaysOn receiving more than 1,000 nominations from venture investors, investment bankers and other industry experts.

Read/WriteWeb"ZCubes though interests me because of the advanced ways it enables users to interact with and create content."..."In my tests of the product, I found the technology to be promising ..." - Richard MacManus

"ZCubes is a new webservice that is creating quite a buzz. But for me it was only after I tried it personally did I felt the buzz. The slick interface combined with almost all the contents you could think of makes it a unique experience." - Prashant Kr Singh
web 2.0 "ZCubes is pretty impressive. Instead of an office suite, this is a productivity suite." - S.M.Schrama

web2null"ZCubes is a collection of on-line usable Tools." (Translated from German) - Web2Null
wwwhat's new?"Without fear of exaggeration, I can affirm to you that ZCubes is one of the best operating systems online..." (Translated from Spanish) - Juan Diego Polo
digitaljournal"An All in One program you can use online to edit, paint, write and audio video management." - cgull
Creativity online:
Creativity online: Now for Web 3.0 If you feel on top of Web 2.0 why not challenge yourself with 3.0. which is what ZCubes claims to offer. It's hard to describe in words as it's highly visual. With 2000+ features, this is multi-tasking on steroids.
Browser-based ZCubes is a `disruptive technology'
Browser-based ZCubes is a `disruptive technology' that all too rarely shakes up the Internet by unveiling an inspired tool or resource which leaves users saying: "Why didn't any one think of doing this before? It's what we always wanted!" -Anand Parthasarathy, The Hindu
A true miracle in the cyber world…
A morning star called ZCubes dawns in the cyber horizon. While the computers we use may not have all the provisions we require especially in cafes, ZCubes proves to be an ultimate solution. -P. Salil, The Mathrubhumi
This is truly the coolest platform
This is truly the coolest platform for the next generation. Users can play multiple games while watching multiple videos in addition to browsing through today’s top stories and chatting with friends all in one space- the ZSpace………………….The best part is that the user can start creating fabulous web pages without any coding, programming, or any downloads for free! -Suraj Mahatre, India Herald
The handwriting tool has the ability to autosmooth
The handwriting tool has the ability to autosmooth to make up for the imperfection in your natural handwriting. -Voice of Asia
Today's generation is appropriately called the multitasking generation
Today's generation is appropriately called the multitasking generation or Generation M….. ZCubes has truly unleashed a new world of creativity…………………… a powerful web that can be creative as the human mind ……. a platform that lets you mix and match the best of the web to suit your needs. -Indo American News.
Other Quotes:
Other Quotes: "I am a technology coordinator for a K-8 school and love the idea of your ZCubes!! This is a perfect format for both teachers and students! I love your platform--I imagine this will be used in all sectors... and thank you for your attention to end-users--your customer service is excellent!" - Cindy Wilson-Hyde, Teacher.

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