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About Us

Founded in 2006, ZCubes is the crystallization of a decade old dream to integrate everything over the web.

Founded by a team that is driven by innovation, ambition, and technical skills, ZCubes brings in solid information technology expertise to your service. It is our passion to make your life simple.


ZCubes is proud to be a company that prefers synergy over teamwork, roles over titles, and achievements over position.

Over 60 people team spread over several continents function with the single minded focus to change the world. ZCubes team is a nice mix of highly experienced people and brilliant young people from all over the world - yes, really a global team.

Mission Statement

ZCubes is a company that keeps a 360 degree view of its users, employees, investors, and goodwill partners.

By creating the central philosophy that enables “You” to be “You”, it intends to be the conduit through which people would express and experience.

Company Information

ZCubes is a privately held company headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA. We have a global team contributing to the growth of ZCubes from around the world.

'Mere narration' or 'bare utility' have no value. Expressions are of value only when they excite the senses and arouse emotions.
- The Science of Arts, 300BC.


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