Create a blog using ZCubes and include pictures

Create a blog using ZCubes and include pictures, videos, drawings handwritten notes and annotations in them. It takes just couple of minutes to start your blog. You have all the regular blogging features as in blogger, wordpress etc, and in additional, you can use the superior features to blog your webpage.

You can blog from within ZCubes

BlogsYou can blog from within ZCubes by just clicking the blog icon on the top of the Cube.

Why is this significant? You can create powerful and content rich blogs very easily and fast by including CALCI pages (spreadsheet), 3D graphs, drawings etc.

Blog FAQ
1. How many blogs can I create? Is it free?
Create blogs using ZCubes for free. Create as many blog postings as you wish.
2. How different is it from other blog sites?
Create rich content blogs using ZCubes easily. You can include different media such as pictures, videos, drawings etc. Just drag-and-drop different media into your blog from the desktop or from internet and publish as a blog.

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