Give life to your Emails, Messages, Blogs.

Send messages containing videos, pictures, animations, picture marquees, text, graphs, vector images, handwritten notes, or a combination thereof, to anyone with the click of a button. Cubee makes it real easy to include different media in your message.

Cubee messages can be sent as it is or inside a digital envelope annotated with an emoticon to express the feelings of the sender. Cubee can also be sent as Private or Public making it easy for expressing to a group or a person. Users can further enhance and personalize Cubee messages by dragging and dropping them on the ZSpace. Users can forward and reply to Cubee messages, it just behaves just like an email, but you can include rich content easily.

Cubee is fun to use since you can quickly and easily share content online

Cubee is fun to use since you can quickly and easily share content online. It makes blogging as simple as Email. Just click a button “Blog it”, and you will have your rich content blog on the web. You can move your pictures and videos in your page freely, edit the content or background easily.

Cubee FAQ
1. Can I include photos or images in Cubee?
You can drag and drop pictures, videos or text, even apply special effects and send as a Cubee.
2. How can I send handwritten notes?
You can create handwritten notes or expressions using ZCubes. After you do handwriting in a ZCube, just click on Cubee and send it across.
3. Is Cubee safe?
Cubee can be treated like any other web page. It is safe.

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