Remember the wrist watch? Do you wear it?
Remember the pocket camera? Do you use it?
Remember the fax machine? Do you power it on?


Simple. A Wrist watch does not recieve email. A pocket camera cannot make a telephone call. A fax machine cannot take pictures.

See the problem?

They are all unifunctional devices.

Software today is mostly like the wrist watches of yester years. Your spreadsheet calculates but not much else. Your editor composes but not much else. Your web browser browses, but not much else.

Now, think of a smartphone. Which shows you time, sends and recieves email, takes pictures, shows movies and more.

Do you wish software was like that?

Wait no more. Omni-functionality is here. One software. That does it all.

ZCubes is designed to be "omni-functional" from the ground up.

One software. One platform. For the one and only YOU! All the web. All the time.

All you have to do is learn once. Do everything.

Take a demo of ZCubes today!


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