The Web. Your Way. Now!

ZBrowser enables you to break through the web-clutter and browse more efficiently. The browser bar is integral to ZCubes, and acts as the gateway between ZCubes and the rest of the web. Simply type a URL in the browser bar and click Go; and the website opens in the built-in browser. It is the ideal solution for multiple browsing. Get search results from 5 websites (Google, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay and MSN) by using the Stardot Command (type your search item in the browser bar followed by a space and *. e.g. "nature *.") Each search is launched in a separate ZCube with further browsing capabilities.


Fed up with traditional windows and tab browsing? You’re going to love the MiniZ. MiniZ is a fully loaded mini browser that lets you browse multiple websites simultaneously. Type the URL in the browser bar, click shift and > to view a website in a MiniZ. Open multiple MiniZ’s and view thumbnails of all your active web pages without worrying about losing the URL history. Shift and drag any link from any webpage and create a new MiniZ. Adjust the size of any MiniZ to your liking.

Web Shortcuts

ZCubes allows you to create your own shortcuts to access the web faster. To create a shortcut, type the URL in the power bar and click on “Add website shortcut”, type your shortcut you want followed by a dot and click "Add". Then, when you type the shortcut in the browser, the selected website opens in the browser. (Example: m. could navigate to The intelligent ZCubes platform stores your shortcuts for future use.

Transparent Browser

Make the browser transparent and get to a new level of multitasking. Create and store content in different layers. View multiple layers simultaneously by adjusting the transparency level of the browser.


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