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   Open Publish (Wiki)

Create a unique experience and start your own wiki. When you publish your experience in the Open Publish mode. The entire web community has access to view and edit your experience. Start your own opinion board, wiki or web community or even discuss school project online. Get creative!

  Protected Publish

If you want an experience to be viewable by the entire web community without the option to edit it, Protected Publish is the way to go. The protected publish mode will allow viewers to leave comments (coming soon) on your experience. You have the option to display or hide the viewer comments on your experience.

 Private Publish

For restricted viewing, publish your experience in the Private Publish mode (for your eyes only!). This mode can be used to share your experience with a selected person or a group of people or to record some personal information for future access. Users can view your private experience only if you invite them by sending them a link. An optional pass code can also be generated to allow invited viewers to edit the experience. You create it so you control it!


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