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Unleash your creativity using ZCubes

Unleash your creativity using ZCubes. Start painting on the web. Be free. Publish it for the world to see. Send it to your friends. Play around with colors. Choose from different brushes and tune the colors or gradients as you wish.

Use shapes and other available drawing objects

Use shapes and other available drawing objects for easy creation of web drawings. ZPaint creates vector drawings, so you need not worry about losing quality of drawing when the page is resized.Learning ZPaint is easy. Users have been creating all kinds of art using ZPaint. See the collection of contemporary art, portraits etc to understand the flexibility and depth of ZCubes.

Artisits FAQ
1. What is ZPaint?
ZPaint is a web-based drawing and painting tool that comes with ZCubes. Please read more on Paint online.
2. Can I upload pictures and make changes?
Yes, you can upload pictures and draw over it. But you cannot edit the uploaded images, but you can draw over it and apply effects to it. It is not a photo editing tool. If you like to upload photos and create an online album for you or your clients, please read the How to create an Album online.

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