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ZCubes is a web designer’s handy tool for experimenting with new designs, colors, fonts, text art, pictures for their web pages. Drag-and-drop makes it superbly easy to create web pages real fast. You can create full-fledged websites using ZCubes or create pages that you can use in your site.

Arrange pictures as you like

Arrange pictures as you like, rotate them, do handwriting, apply effects to text and pictures. It is real easy. Publish your web pages or save them on to disk Editing HTML is easy with ZCubes. Embed other websites using MiniZ.

Web Designer FAQ
1. Can I create websites using ZCubes?
Yes. You can create websites using ZCubes.
2. I want to publish my website online. Where are the web pages stored?
You can create and publish webpages using ZCubes. The pages will be on the ZCubes server. You can have the entire site created using ZCubes, or you can have your website referring to web pages created using ZCubes. You can save the web pages created using ZCubes on your own machine.

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