Upload photos and create albums using ZCubes

Upload photos and create albums using ZCubes easily on the web. You can arrange the pictures however you like, rotate them, write text and apply special effects. You can also include videos. There are several templates available, so you can select according to the themes as you wish.

You can make your album

You can make your album special by writing over the photos or on the page, in any language you wish, and also include videos. Imagine a vacation album that you would like to send to your Grandpa, who lives miles away from you. You can include videos, handwritten notes etc, to make the album dynamic, rather than just a few photos stuck on a page.

ZAlbum FAQ
1. Can I use photos that I uploaded to Photobucket?
AYou can drag and drop your photos from Photobucket or from your desktop.
1. Can I print it?
Yes. You can create an album using ZCubes and print it. Just publish it (as private or public), so that you can access it from anywhere you like, as long as your are on the web.

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