Create Student Projects online

ZCubes is a free, easy to use web-based platform to create documents, student projects, drawings and greeting cards. Drag and drop content from other websites and documents to quickly create your project assignment documentation. Include pictures and videos in your document, to make it really lively and dynamic.

Create greeting cards

Create greeting cards and send to your friends or relatives. These greeting cards can have animated content (flash), photos, music and videos. Draw, paint and play on the web using ZCubes. Enjoy painting over photos or write free hand scripts. Create scrap pages using ZCubes.

Students FAQ
1. Is ZCubes free?
Yes. ZCubes is absolutely free for consumers.
2. I want to learn to create web pages using ZCubes.
How can I?

There are several tutorial demos available on this site. There are live demos going on, where you can just watch our support personnel showing you how to use ZCubes to create webpages and paintings.

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